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The biggest OLED display in Dubai Mall
Date:August 9th, 2017    Written by:Rick    

Recently Dubai mall just installed the biggest OLED display in the world. There are 820pcs 55" OLED screen panels created a video wall of 50m x 14m. It has 1.7 billion pixels. And it is the biggest OLED wall in the world at present.


There are several types of video screens in the market. They are LCD display, LED backlight screen, OLED screen and LED display.


Although LED backlight screen looks similar to OLED screen, they use different technology. OLED has better color contract ratio, superior white balance and bigger viewing angle than LED backlight screen. However, LED backlight screen has higher brightness, higher refresh rate, and lower consumption than OLED screen.


If we compare OLED screen, LED backlight screen and LED display for advertising and event function, LED display is still the best option.


1. OLED and LED backlight screen are very fragile, they are not the good option for event screen. The screen for event will be moved from one place to another place often, during the transportation, the OLED screen and LED backlight screen will get damaged easily.  However, LED display is much stronger than OLED and LED backlight screen.


2. Gaps. When we put OLED panels or LED backlight screen panels together for a big video wall, there are still gaps between the panels. So when it comes to big video wall, if we use OLED screen or LED backlight screen, they don't look good. But if we use LED display panels, they are bezel-free.


3. Lower brightness. OLED and LED backlight screen have much lower brightness than LED display, and they can't face the direct sunlight. So they are not a good option for outdoor advertising. But outdoor LED display has brightness over 7000nits or even higher than 10000nits, so they are the perfect product for outdoor advertising video signage.


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